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Why Subcielo?

We have more than 15 years of experience teaching Kitesurfing in Tarifa. In addition, it is us, the owners of the school, who will teach your kitesurfing classes to guarantee a job well done. Don't be fooled, for your safety, ask your monitors to prove their experience.

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Kitesurfing Courses

Private Kitesurfing Lessons

Beach scenes, the whisper of the waves and Tarifa’s horizon as props. In the sky, kitesurfing kites coloring the sky.

If you feel the need to be a part of this sand, sea and air scene, or if you are looking to get into this water sport in an intense and agile way, we invite you to discover our private courses.

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What is your situation? We want to meet her

On many occasions, our students hesitate about which type of course to choose. In our kitesurfing school we present different proposals: group or individual instruction. A private kitesurfing course will be your perfect alternative if:

  • You want a kitesurf instructor just for you. Without a doubt, you will learn faster and you will have an instructor 100% dedicated to your learning. An instructor will accompany you from the first moment and will correct your movements in a more individualized way.
  • You only have a few days to learn kitesurfing and you want to make the most of the course. Whether you are starting from scratch or you are already practicing this sport, this course will speed up your mastery to control your kite and wiggle on the board. It is the best option if you are pressed for time.
  • You have done a group kitesurfing course, but you want to advance in your training. If you have already taken your first steps as a kitesurfer, a private course will complete your instruction. You alone with an instructor who will rectify any vices you may have acquired in practice and reinforce your skills.
Private Kitesurfing Course in Tarifa

Why do our private kitesurfing courses? See what you will learn

Experience has shown us that it is very important that our students do not burn out during the learning period. For this reason, we recommend that the private kitsurfing course be developed in classes of between 2 and 3 hours a day, taught on the days you need.

However, we also design courses adapted to each student and our team will be able to adapt to your availability. Contact us if this is your case.

You are starting from scratch, this is what you will see in the course:

We will start from the beginning and the instructor will adapt to your evolution to keep you progressing. A private kitesurfing course will allow you to go at your own pace and therefore progress much faster.

  1. In the sand. You will learn how to set up a kite and identify the wind windows that will help you to lift it.
  2. In the water without a board. You will fly your kite and practice with it under the guidance of your private kitesurfing instructor.
  3. In the water with a board. Undoubtedly, one of the most exciting moments. When you get up on a kiteboard for the first time, adrenaline will be your ally.
  4. Start sailing. The most dreaded and exciting moment. Your instructor will guide your movements and give you key guidelines to practice on your own in the future.

Have you taken a course before? Resume your classes

We start where you left off. We will take back your skills and enhance them. We invite you to fly in Tarifa with a private course designed for you.

Do you want to advance in your kitesurfing training? Private courses are ideal for you

If you are a pro at kitesurfing we can practice with you new ways of owning the waves and the wind.

  • Girding in the wind. We will learn how to take advantage of the breezes and we will perfect your technique.
  • First jumps. Your initial maneuvers to take over the waves will be another of our objectives.
  • Advanced jumps. If you already control the small and medium jumps, we will go further.
  • Freestyle. Ideal for those who already have a background in kiteboarding. We will help you find your own style and perfect it.
  • Surf kite. We will teach you to control the endless waves and to be the protagonist of your movements.
  • Strapless. Intrigued by this modality? We will show you its keys.
  • Hydrofoil. For those looking for a new experience in the vast world of water sports.
Private Kitesurfing Lessons in Tarifa

Our private courses are perfect for …

  • Children between 10 and 15 years old. The little ones will enjoy this sport like no one else. It will help them to sharpen their minds and get in touch with nature. Private courses are perfect for them since the instructor will be aware of their every move.
  • Senior citizens (over 60 years old): they will be able to get out of their routine and live a great experience where they will meet many people to share their adventure with. In the private courses you will receive the maximum attention you need to learn kitesurfing in a fast and easy way.
  • For you, who need an instructor who will give you the maximum attention so that you can advance in your kitesurfing training.
Private kitesurfing lesson in Tarifa

What kind of private classes do we have for you? Choose yours

  • Private kitesurfing course on the beach: do you have just enough time to learn this sport? if you want to improve your technique with an exclusive instructor, this is the course you were looking for. Here you set the pace and the instructor will dedicate all the time to your teaching.
  • Private boat course: You, an instructor, and a boat all to yourself. What more could you ask for? If you want to get straight to the point and learn kitesurfing without wasting energy walking on the beach, this course is definitely for you.

You will not be alone at any time, as the instructor will be with you in the support boat.

Individual Kitesurfing Lessons in Tarifa

The course material is provided by us

We will provide you with absolutely all the necessary material for the development of our kitesurfing courses in Tarifa:

  • Safety equipment (vest, harness, helmet and neoprene).
  • A walkietalkie so you don’t miss the instructors’ guidelines.

In addition, the course contract includes insurance and the service of a rescue boat, if conditions require it, which will be available at all times for the students.

If you are looking for accommodation in Tarifa with Kitesurfing course, we can also help you! Contact us.

Individual Kitesurfing Course in Tarifa

Do you need to bring anything from home?

The only thing you will have to bring to your next kitesurfing course is an infinite desire to excel. Although we provide the necessary material for the development of the course, we invite you to bring sunglasses, high protection cream and comfortable clothes, as well as juice or water to hydrate yourself.

When your private kitesurfing course ends, you will feel the emptiness of those who have already fallen into the nets of this water sport. Welcome a new sensation: that of cooperating with the force of nature to glide and fly.


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