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Why Subcielo?

We have more than 15 years of experience teaching Kitesurfing in Tarifa. In addition, it is us, the owners of the school, who will teach your kitesurfing classes to guarantee a job well done. Don't be fooled, for your safety, ask your monitors to prove their experience.

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Kitesurfing Courses

Semi Private Kitesurfing Lessons

Once you experience what it feels like to fly over the sea, there will be no turning back. In addition, with our semi-private courses you will be able to enjoy these sensations with another person.

One of our specialized instructors will instruct you and be with you at all times. We provide the kite. You, the adrenaline.

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Who is Subcielo’s semi-private kitesurfing course for? It is for you if …

In our school we offer
kitesurfing courses for all levels
. Choose from: group, private and semi-private kite courses like this one. Find out if the latter are for you:

  • If you are looking for a kitesurfing course tailored to your needs. Whether you are already proficient in this sport or have never practiced kitesurfing, you can access our semi-private courses. We will adjust to your level and availability.
  • If this is your first time kitesurfing. If you have never flown a kite or ridden a board, with this type of course you will be able to advance quickly. Working in pairs, the instructor will make the most of your personalized instruction.
  • If you have already done a group kitesurfing course and now you want to advance your training with a semi-private course. You will have more time to communicate with your instructor and continue to evolve in the practice of kite. Your level will set the starting point.
Semi-Private Kitesurfing Course

How is it different from the private course?

If you are visiting with someone else, a semi-private course will immerse you in the dynamism of this area of the Andalusian coast. Kitesurfing is an exciting sport that will allow you to enjoy the open air and the fantastic climate of Tarifa.

It’s a great way to reap the benefits of individualized training while enjoying the rewards of learning in company. You will be able to test yourselves together and share your evolution.

In our center in Tarifa we also offer 100% private kitesurfing courses for those who prefer a personal instructor. If you are looking for an intense activity or need an expert to correct your flight, we encourage you to ask us about this modality.

Kitesurfing course in Tarifa for 2 people

The semi-private kitesurfing course is perfect for …

  • Couples who want to start kitesurfing and are looking for a sport to get excited about together. You will be able to work as a team and discover a practice to share in the future.
  • Children who want to live an unforgettable adventure outdoors and with their families. Without a doubt, the little ones will enjoy the adventure and it will help them to get in touch with nature in an active way.
  • For you, who already have notions of kitesurfing but need to specialize and need specific guidelines to improve your style. If you have already practiced this sport, we will teach you how to improve your skills and deepen your freestyle.
Kitesurfing lessons for couples in Tarifa (Cádiz))

Discover the 2 types of semi-private classes we have at Subcielo

  • Semi-private kitesurfing course 2.1: You will share a kite with your partner for a minimum of 3 hours per day. You will enjoy an expert instructor for both of you. You will advance at a good pace and you will be able to see your first steps as kiters.
  • Semi-private course 2.2: You can enjoy this course with a companion or with another student who also comes alone. Both of you will have a kite for each of you and an instructor who will instruct you at the same time. Two hours a day to fly, since you have an uninterrupted kite at your disposal and the energy consumption is much higher.
Semiprivate Kitesurfing Course in Tarifa

All course material is included in the price.

We will be waiting for you at Tarifa’s seashore with all the material you will need for your course. This includes:

  • A wetsuit, harness, vest and helmet.
  • A kite and a board.
  • A walkie talkie so you can listen to the monitor when you are in the water.

Our kite courses
also include the specific insurance for this activity and the service of a rescue boat. When you finish your instruction we will give you a final certificate with the level reached (IKO certificate).

We can also advise you about where to stay during your stay in Tarifa. Contact us.

Do I need to bring anything for the course? You only need to bring the desire to enjoy and learn.

Come with comfortable clothing, a hat or accessory to protect your head and sunglasses. Don’t forget a high sun protection lotion and liquids to hydrate yourself. Another must-have? A great dose of motivation.

Learn Kitesurfing in Tarifa as a couple

The most requested course by students and with the best results

The master classes of our semi-private courses allow us to establish a close relationship with our students. The result? An agile evolution in learning and unforgettable moments.

And we don’t say so, they say so, our students:

The magic of kitesurfing lies in its ability to become an addictive practice. Whether you want to get started in kiteboarding or if you are looking to refine your technique, you will never forget this experience in Tarifa. We are waiting for you to break the monotony and put you to the test.



Instructor Kitesurf Tarifa


Alumnos Kitesurf Tarifa


Equipos Kitesurf Tarifa


Precios Kitesurf Tarifa
45,00 €/Hour



Instructor Kitesurf Tarifa


Alumnos Kitesurf Tarifa


Equipos Kitesurf Tarifa


Precios Kitesurf Tarifa
30,00 €/Hour

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