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When you choose Subcielo Tarifa for your kitesurfing experience, you can rely on the expertise of our instructors and our year-round dedication to teaching. We are a leading kitesurf school in Tarifa that offers exceptional personalized attention. We limit our reservations to ensure the quality of our kitesurfing classes in Tarifa. If you want to verify our reputation, we invite you to check the reviews on Google for more information on our customers’ satisfaction. Don’t miss out on a spot in our kitesurfing course in Tarifa. Fill out our form without obligation and join the excitement of kitesurfing in Tarifa!

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We have the ideal course for you:

All Kitesurfing Courses

Subcielo Tarifa is a renowned kitesurf school that maintains a consistent team of instructors and methodology to ensure the effectiveness of kitesurfing courses. This benefits students as the stability in personnel, teaching methods, and the instructor’s attitude helps maintain the quality and consistency in your kitesurfing education. If you’re planning to take a kitesurfing course with Subcielo Tarifa, this will be an advantage as you’ll have a constant and effective learning experience. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the thrilling world of kitesurfing in Tarifa. Research more about our specific kitesurfing course programs, including kitesurfing classes, to make sure they meet your learning needs and objectives. Reserve your spot and enjoy kitesurfing in Tarifa!

in Group

Instructor Kitesurf Tarifa
Alumnos Kitesurf Tarifa
Equipos Kitesurf Tarifa

The perfect course if you come to Tarifa in a group! Learning kitesurfing in company has many advantages, and the fun is guaranteed. How do I know whether to choose this course?

  • If this is your first contact with kitesurfing and you want to try it with someone else.
  • If you are traveling with friends or family and are looking for an adrenaline-filled activity.
  • If you are looking for a professional, cheap and affordable kite course.

Fall in love with kitesurfing while having an exciting time in the best company thanks to our beginners group course.

Price 70€ 3h/day per person.
4 students / 2 kites / 1 instructor


Instructor Kitesurf Tarifa
Alumnos Kitesurf Tarifa
Equipos Kitesurf Tarifa

You can choose between 2 modalities: Semi 2.2, in which you will have a kite all to yourself; and Semi 2.1, in which you will share equipment with your partner. It is ideal if:

  • You would like to learn kitesurfing with someone else.
  • Sharing a monitor with another student is not a problem for you.
  • You want to enjoy fast and efficient training.
  • You are looking to have fun while learning to kite in an intense course.

One of our students’ favorites! Not only for the good results it offers, but also for the attention of our instructors.

Price 90€ per person.
2 students / 2 kites / 1 instructor 2h/day

2 students / 1 kite / 1 instructor 3h/day

Profesor con alumno de curso semi-privado de kitesurf en Tarifa


Instructor Kitesurf Tarifa
Alumnos Kitesurf Tarifa
Equipos Kitesurf Tarifa

Nothing like an individual lesson with an instructor who adjusts to your level to remove all your insecurities and learn kitesurfing in an effective and personalized way. It is perfect if:

  • You are going to spend a few days in Tarifa and you want to make the most of your time.
  • You want to learn at your own pace and without being distracted.
  • You already control the sport and are looking to refine your kite technique.
  • You would like to have an instructor dedicated 100% to you.

Choose our private course and don’t waste a second in your learning thanks to the exclusive attention of a kitesurfing instructor for you alone.

Price 130€ 2h/day per person.
1 student / 1 kite / 1 instructor

For Children

Instructor Kitesurf Tarifa
Alumnos Kitesurf Tarifa
Equipos Kitesurf Tarifa

The perfect course for the little ones to learn and have fun with kitesurfing during your trip to Tarifa. We strongly recommend it if:

  • You come on vacation to Tarifa with your children, siblings or little cousins.
  • You want to surprise your children with an activity they will love.
  • You are looking for a new, physical and fun activity for children.
  • You want to relax while your children practice 100% safe activities.

If you are looking for an activity for your kids to have fun during your stay in Tarifa, this kitesurfing course for kids is perfect for you.

Price 130€ 2h/day per person in private.
1 child / 1 kite / 1 instructor

in Boat

Instructor Kitesurf Tarifa
Alumnos Kitesurf Tarifa
Equipos Kitesurf Tarifa

If you want to get the most out of your training and you already have some experience with kiteboarding, boat lessons are what you are looking for. Why is this course ideal for you?

  • You want to jump into the sea without wasting time on the beach.
  • You want to start kitesurfing offshore.
  • You already have experience and are looking to improve your kite technique.
  • You are looking for better skills and want some accelerated classes to help you.

With our kitesurfing course by boat (private or semi-private) go out to catch the waves offshore and don’t waste a minute on the sand.

Price 240€ per person.

1 student / 1 kite / 1 instructor 2h/day / support boat

2 students / 1 kites / 1 instructor 3h/day / support boat


Instructor Kitesurf Tarifa
Alumnos Kitesurf Tarifa
Equipos Kitesurf Tarifa

Do you want to become a kitesurfing expert? If you are already familiar with the sport, you will be a true kiter by the end of this training. Ideal for those who:

  • They already know how to slide on the downwind board.
  • They want to improve their kitesurfing technique in detail.
  • They are eager to learn how to jump, spin and rotate.
  • They would like to master the upwind technique with a professional.

If you already know how to handle the kite, have experience in the water and want to become a professional, this advanced kitesurfing course is what you are looking for.

Price 90€ 2h/day per person in
SEMI 2.2.
2 students / 2 kites / 1 instructor

What makes us stand out from other kitesurf schools in Tarifa?

We are passionate about kitesurfing and we love to transmit this to our students. But why else choose our school?
  • You learn with real kitesurfing professionals. We have more than 15 years of experience in teaching kitesurfing, and we love to transmit our passion for this sport.
  • We give you a personalized and close attention. A monitor will be with you at all times during the learning process to guide you and answer any questions you may have.
  • We developed a 100% proprietary method. Thanks to our trajectory as kite instructors we have created an efficient and fast learning methodology, endorsed by hundreds of students.
  • You will receive your IKO international level certificate. At the end of your course at our school you will not only have fallen in love with kitesurfing, but you will also get a certificate with the acquired level.
  • We provide you with the best kitesurfing equipment. Duotone is one of the most recognized brands in the industry, which is why we trust them for the classes. You can also rent your kitesurfing equipment in Tarifa.
  • We help you to find accommodation in Tarifa. Tell us how many days you plan to come and don’t worry about finding accommodation, we will advise you!


Internacional Kiteboarding Organization
Logo Ion
Logo Duotone
Junta de Andalucía
Federación Andaluza de Vela

In Subcielo Kitesurf we are open 365 days a year.

Subcielo is not just any kitesurf school, with us you are not going to learn kitesurfing, you are going to fall in love with it! Become a real kiter and fly over the waves of Tarifa with us.

Whatever your level, at Subcielo we are happy to train you! Learn the first steps or improve your technique with the kite to, in short, glide like a fish in water with your Kite.

Let nothing stop you from daring to Kite!

If you think that insecurities may keep you from trying this sport, let us tell you a secret… We have had many students confess to us that at the beginning they were like you, but after feeling the freedom on the board, they have fallen in love with kitesurfing.

And maybe our great team of instructors has something to do with this. We are always with you in the lessons to teach you to understand the wind and control the flight. Let nothing stop you from learning this sport!

In less time than you think you will be riding the waves on your kite.

Whether you are new or veteran in kiteboarding,
our Kitesurfing School in Tarifa is for you

You are one of those adventurous people who love to try new activities in which to release all your adrenaline. And that’s why Kitesurfing is your sport. With us you can enjoy the sun, the sea and meet new people while you sail the sea feeling free.

Or maybe you already know those vertigo sensations that got you hooked and you want to explore them and improve your turns even more. Whatever your kitesurfing experience is, Subcielo’s instructors are with you at all times so that you become an expert kitesurfer.

We know that feeling of getting on the board for the first time and letting yourself be carried away by the kite, and that’s why we know that if you decide to take the leap into this sport, you will end up as hooked as we are. Dare and in only 5 days you will be able to obtain your first IKO kiter certificate!

Certificado de Excelencia 2019

What is so special about our Subcielo Kitesurf School?

We like to say that we live by and for this sport. Kitesurfing is not only technique, it is also passion for the sea and adrenaline. Are you coming to surf the waves with us?

We have been teaching kiteboarding since 2002.

Alumnos satisfechos

100% of our students are delighted with what they have learned at Subcielo.

Aprende Kitesurf en 5 días

We follow a methodology with which you will learn to kite quickly and efficiently.

Técnico IKO guiando tu evolución

The instructors are at your side at all times to guide your evolution.

Icono IKO

All instructors are IKO certified to teach kitesurfing.

Icono Duotone

We rely on the best brand for all our kite equipment, Duotone.

Ayuntamiento de Tarifa

Our KiteSurf School in Tarifa has license number AT/CA/00167.

Why should you learn kitesurfing with Subcielo?

If you start training in our school you can continue to improve your level in kitesurfing and rent equipment to practice it anywhere in the world.

Discover all the advantages of training with us!

Cursos diseñados para que aprendas rápidamente

Our courses are designed to adapt to your learning pace.

Escuela de kite de prestigio

Your accreditation will be backed by a prestigious kite school.

Disfrutarás del lado más salvaje de Tarifa.

You will enjoy the best environment while learning to kite in the coast of Tarifa.

Viaja por todo el mundo

You will become a kiter and want to join others traveling around the world.

Encuentra alojamiento en Tarifa.

With our help you won’t have to worry about finding accommodation in Tarifa.

Club de kitesurf privado con multiples ventajas

You will be able to enjoy all the advantages of our Private Kitesurfing Club

The soul behind Subcielo
Introducing the monitors

“This is the school we would have liked to have trained at when we started kitesurfing.”
Manuel Beltrán Kitesurf Tarifa

Manuel Beltran

Co-founder of Subcielo, instructor and passionate about Strapless, Freestyle, Wake style, Race and Hydrofoil. Manuel spreads his passion for this sport to beginners and advanced kiters alike, helping them to improve their skills and change their modality.

Maria Victoria Lopez

Instructor and co-founder of our school. Victoria loves to dedicate her life to this sport, and to transmit her passion for it to the younger ones. She is an instructor not only for beginners, but also for more experienced riders who come with us to improve their technique.

Gustavo Arrojo Kitesurf

Gustavo Arrojo

Passion, emotion and freedom are three words that define Gustavo, our most international kiter. One of those people who never stops, if he is not organizing camps, he is preparing Strapless demonstrations that will make anyone who sees them fall in love with kiting.

What other advantages does our School have?

If you are already determined to take the leap and join our obsession, here is something else that might interest you.
Casa de Kitesurf en Tarifa

We help you with your accommodation in Tarifa

Our students will enjoy discounts in the best accommodations in Tarifa. Are you more of a camper or a bungalow person? You choose!

  • Campsites next to the beach.
  • Cabin-type bungalows with maximum comfort.

Natural paradises for kitesurfing

Tarifa has the best beaches for this sport. Our spots are recognized worldwide by kitesurfing experts.

  • Suitable for Freestyle.
  • Perfect for Freeride.
  • Ideal for the Strapless modality.
LLama AHora para reservar tu curso de Kitesurf

Rental of the best kitesurfing equipment

We have complete confidence in the Duotone brand for all our school’s kiter equipment. Whether you are a student or not, you can rent:

  • Kites and boards.
  • Safety elements.
  • Kitesurfing accessories.

Students who have already lived
the adventure of Kitesurfing in Subcielo

We have the best and most passionate instructors in Tarifa, we are part of an incredible network of professional riders and we put all our efforts to offer you agile and efficient kitesurfing courses. If you are a fan of extreme experiences, join now the group of lovers of this sport.

All Kitesurfing News

Don’t miss any news related to kitesurfing in Tarifa thanks to our blog.

Are you looking forward to this experience?

Fun and pure adrenaline are 100% guaranteed!

Kite videos in Tarifa

This is a Kitesurfing day in Tarifa with Subcielo, what are you waiting for to experience it?
Subcielo KiteSchool Tarifa
Grupo de Kitesurf en Tarifa

Professional Warranty

At Subcielo Kite School we guarantee the professionalism of our instructors and the courses we teach. We are 100% committed to our students.

If the student is not satisfied with the work done by our professionals during the first day of lessons, we will refund the amount of the kitesurfing course. As long as this decision is communicated to us before the class takes place in the water.

If a student decides to leave the course after starting the class in the water, at Subcielo we commit ourselves to pay the amount of the remaining days of the contracted course, but not the amount corresponding to the first day of the course in our school.

All our instructors have national and international kitesurfing qualifications that endorse them as professionals in this sport. In Subcielo we also have liability insurance and sports licenses granted by the City of Tarifa.

In Subcielo Kite School we are an active tourism company with license number AT/CA/00167 and we are recognized by the Junta de Andalucía and the Ayto. of Tarifa. This guarantees quality services and safety for all our students.

We have more than 15 years of experience in the kite world. We have been I.K.O. and F.A.V. certified since 2005 for quality management, something we continue to strive for every day. In all this time we have not only taught kitesurfing, we have also learned from all our students.

These credentials guarantee that we have the capacity to serve you as you deserve. We stand out for adapting each course to the level and needs of the students, and we teach in several languages. At the end of your course with us, we will give you the IKO card, which will help you to continue your learning around the world.

ILLUSION, REFLECTION, WILLINGNESS, CONSISTENCY AND PATIENCE, these are the pillars on which kitesurfing and our school are based.


In the following table we show you a summary with the prices of kitesurfing courses in Tarifa that we have in Subcielo Kiteschool.

Tipo de Curso de Kitesurf Precio Nº alumnos mínimo 1 DÍA 2 DÍAS 3 DÍAS 4 DÍAS 5 DÍAS
Curso en Grupo 23'40 €/Hora 2 alumnos 70€ 3h 140€ 6h 210€ 9h 280€ 12h 350€ 15h
Curso Semi Privado 2.1 30 €/Hora 2 alumnos 90€ 3h 180€ 6h 270€ 9h 320€ 12h 450€ 15h
Curso Semi Privado 2.2 45 €/Hora Sin mínimo 90€ 2h 180€ 4h 270€ 6h 320€ 8h 450€ 10h
Curso Privado 65 €/Hora Sin mínimo 130€ 2h 260€ 4h 390€ 6h 520€ 8h 650€ 10h
Curso en Barco 120 €/Hora Sin mínimo 240€ 2h 480€ 4h 720€ 6h 960€ 8h 1200€ 10h


Here we answer some of our students’ most frequently asked questions.

The attention and commitment of Manuel and Victoria (owners of the school) is the most important thing for us and what differentiates us from other schools. Our instructors accompany you at all times in your course, both Victoria and Manuel are aware of all your needs and are experts in transmitting their passion for kitesurfing in each course.

The required qualification in Tarifa is the F.A.V. (Federación Andaluza de Vela), but in Subcielo Tarifa we also have the I.K.O. level 2.

At Subcielo Kitesurf School we have all the necessary requirements to be considered an approved school:

  • Maritime captaincy permit to carry out the activity.
  • Certificate of homologation of the F.A.V. (Andalusian Sailing Federation).
  • Instructors registered with the Social Security and with a federative license for the current year.
  • Liability and accident insurance.
  • Environmental permit to work in the natural park.
  • Rescue vessel approved by the maritime authority.

In Subcielo Tarifa we work since 2005 with the best and most updated material of the brand DUOTONE KITEBOARDING. It is essential that schools have equipment in perfect condition for teaching and renting to their students, thus ensuring their safety at all times.

Both the equipment we use in the courses, as the one we use for our kitesurfing equipment rental service in Tarifa, are renewed every year for maximum safety.

While other schools use Foil type kites to start in the world of kitesurfing, we have BUZZ model kites (these are inflatable kitesurfing kites that have a more robust construction). So from minute one you will be flying a professional kite kite.

What we most like to emphasize about our Kite School is the involvement with all our students, and this work is reflected in the reviews that our school has:

The experience and attitude of an instructor are fundamental in the progress of the courses, since a good instructor must have a multitude of tools to make you understand the exercises that he has been collecting and improving during all the years dedicated to teaching kiteboarding.

No one can deny that a private course is the most effective way to learn kitesurfing, since you have an instructor and the material for yourself. The instructor’s attention will be full time, and if you add to this an inflatable with skipper and instructor without having to share them with other trainees, the kitesurfing course on a boat would be ideal. But we understand that this entails costs that not everyone can afford, so we have a multitude of options.

Among them we can highlight our semi-private course, in which you have the material just for you (you do not share it with anyone and you go at your own pace), and in which the instructor can control another kite at the same time, so he can attend to a maximum of two students at the same time.

The group course is designed for families or friends who want to have a first contact with kitesurfing, and have a fun time in a group at an economical price.

This question is difficult to answer for several reasons.

First of all, each person is different and depending on the physical condition, needs and attitudes, progress will be faster or slow er. We can assure you that with our experience we will make your progress as fast as possible.

In a 3-day course you will not be able to make jumps with your kite and even sail upwind, but you will have a clear idea of the basic techniques. You will also be able to find out if this is your new sport, as you will have all the concepts of what kiteboarding is all about.

For a sufficient autonomy in the kite, it will take about 5 days of course, during which you will have had time to assimilate and practice all the necessary exercises to know how to handle your kite.

But we repeat, since it is very important to be clear about it:

Each person is different and we will not be able to make an estimate until we see how you perform with the kite.

Don’t worry about that, Tarifa is known worldwide for its high percentage of westerly and easterly winds. These winds predominate in the area of the Strait of Gibraltar thanks to the funnel effect created by the mountains that comprise this unique access to the Mediterranean Sea from the Atlantic Ocean.

In any case, you should know that if due to weather conditions we are unable to carry out the activity, we will refund your reservation fee, since you will only pay if we have the appropriate day for your level of education.

In addition, we are a professional Kitesurf School that has a multitude of specific material for each level and for different meteorological circumstances that could occur.

If done with caution and knowledge of the dangers of misuse, kitesurfing does not have to be dangerous.

We defend that from a learning base in conditions, and complying with all the parameters that we instilled in you on the first day of class, risk is greatly minimized. Of course, it is not guaranteed to be risk-free, but we have experienced instructors who have the necessary skills and materials to make the risk almost null.

Normally after the explanation of our instructors and the first minutes of flying with the kite, your fears will be blown away by the wind of Tarifa.

Keep in mind that this sport can be done by almost the entire population (as long as they do not have considerable physical problems incompatible with kitesurfing). We have had students ranging from 10 year olds to retired people.


Kitesurfing Lessons Tarifa Group

Discover kitesurfing with this beginners group course and live a fun adventure with your friends, family or other people you meet during the course in Tarifa.


Kitesurfing Lessons SemiPrivate Rate

Learn to kitesurf more individually with a partner and experience the feeling of flying over the waves with a kitesurfing kite.


Kitesurfing Lessons Tarifa Private

With our private course you will not lose a second in your learning and you will have an exclusive kitesurfing instructor focused on your progress.


Kitesurfing Lessons Tarifa Advanced

If you already have some experience on the kiteboard and want to improve your technique, this advanced kitesurfing course is designed for you.


Kitesurfing Lessons Tarifa for Kids

If you are looking for a fun and safe activity for your children during your stay in Tarifa, our kitesurfing course for the little ones is ideal.


Kitesurfing Lessons Tarifa by Boat

With the boat kitesurfing course you will jump right into the water and you will be able to dedicate all your time to improve your skills and surf the waves offshore.