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We have more than 15 years of experience teaching Kitesurfing in Tarifa. In addition, it is us, the owners of the school, who will teach your kitesurfing classes to guarantee a job well done. Don't be fooled, for your safety, ask your monitors to prove their experience.

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Advanced Kitesurfing Lessons

Sun, smell of sea and sand … If you already control the kite and sail with some agility, we invite you to improve your skills with an advanced kitesurfing course aimed at people who already practice this sport.

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Why do we recommend you to choose our advanced courses?

Whatever your level, you can always improve your technique and skills on the board. However, achieving this will depend on your ability to understand the wind windows and, therefore, your control of the kite. If you identify with any of the following situations, it is time to take a step further.

  • Don’t feel safe with the kite? The time has come for you to go one step further: Sailing with ease is the prelude to an exciting and agile flight. We will refine your technique and get into your sailing style.
  • You have already done a kitesurfing course before and want something more advanced: Without a doubt, better control of the kite is the key to progression. We will focus on improving your skills in this regard and move you forward so that you can navigate safely.
  • You are looking for a more special and individual kitesurfing training: If you have already gone through the standard kitesurfing training, the time has come to take the step towards a deeper learning experience. We will refine your style and technique to improve your flying.

Some of the modalities we can teach you are:


Jump using the wind

Heart attack speed

The advanced kitesurfing course in Tarifa is ideal for …

Our advanced courses in Tarifa are aimed at kiters with some experience who are looking to perfect their style and go further with their flying. We will instruct you in more difficult maneuvers and give you the keys to continue training on your own.

  • Couples who want to advance and deepen in the learning of kitesurfing. If you enjoy this water sport in the company of your partner, evolving together will be the key to continue practicing it together. In addition, Tarifa is a perfect place to spend unforgettable days of relaxation and intimacy.
  • It is perfect if you come with a friend who, like you, has already taken a course before and wants to go one step further. After the training sessions you will be able to share your progress and look for new challenges. Undoubtedly, learning in company is more motivating and comforting.
  • For you, who want something more personalized to perfect your kitesurfing technique. If you have been feeling for some time that something is holding you back when you go sailing, it is very likely that the time has come for an instructor to show you new ways to continue enjoying this sport in complete safety.
Advanced Kitesurfing Lessons in Tarifa (Cadiz))

Choose the type of advanced course that best suits your needs

If you have already decided on one of our advanced kite courses, we invite you to evaluate which modality interests you the most. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, we will advise you according to your particular case.

  • Advanced private course:

You and an instructor totally dedicated to your evolution. There is no doubt that this is the fastest way to advance in the practice of kitesurfing. We recommend this modality to those who are looking for a deep improvement of their technique and usually go out to sail alone.

  • Advanced semi-private course:

Undoubtedly, one of our most popular kite courses for those who already practice this sport and like to do it accompanied (if you do not have a companion we can assign you with another student of similar level to yours). This course will allow you to advance in parallel and share the pleasant experience of testing and improving your level.

Advanced Kite Surf Lessons in Tarifa

What about the course material? Everything is included

You will not need to bring your own equipment. In our center we have kite equipment of the best brands to make your flight the best possible. We will also provide you with:

  • Top quality neoprene wetsuits.
  • A harness, a vest and a helmet; all of them homologated.
  • A kite and board according to your level.
  • A walkie talkie to receive instructions from your monitor from the water.

You won’t have to worry about your safety either. The course registration fee includes the service of a rescue boat and the relevant insurance.

At the end of your course you will receive a final Certificate with the level reached (IKO Certificate) that will endorse the training received in our center.

We can also help you with your accommodation in Tarifa + kite course. Ask us and we will give you some indications so that you don’t have to spend time looking for a place to stay.

Professional Kitesurfing Course in Tarifa

What to bring to the course?

The essential: your desire to sail. It is also very important that you attend the sessions with comfortable clothing, a hat or scarf to protect you from the sun and high protection skin cream. Do not forget to bring water, juice or similar beverages, the sessions are intense and you will need to hydrate constantly.

Our advanced course will enable you to move away from the shore and return to shore safely. You will also be fully able to recover your board, brake in time and have total autonomy in the control of the kite. Undoubtedly, after this advanced course you will perfect any aspect of your technique that you want to improve.



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Instructor Kitesurf Tarifa


Alumnos Kitesurf Tarifa


Equipos Kitesurf Tarifa


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