Kitesurfing learning levels

Level acquired with Subcielo Tarifa, and gift of an IKO card with the level acquired according to the methodology of the international kiteboarding association.

Level 1
Initiation Program


  • Transport and assembly of the kite and its lines.
  • Locate the wind direction, which is either luffing (upwind) or drifting (downwind).
  • You will learn how to fly a kite with low power (small kite and short lines) statically in the sand all around the end of the window and close to the ground.
  • Know how to stop the force of the kite in case of a problem by releasing the bar.
  • Know what leash and where it should be attached from before takeoff until landing.


  • Fly the kite hooked to the harness.
  • Fly the kite hooked to the harness with one hand.
  • Activation of the bar safety system and/or quick release system and its location.


  • Perform derived edges by body dragging, using the kite in power zones.


  • Lifting the kite from the water (lay down and relaunch maneuver).
  • Performing a self-rescue in the water.


  • Relaunch the kite from the ground.
  • Fly the kite from 9 to 3 hours at the edge of the wind window.
  • Lifting the kite with assistance and knowing how to choose the correct angle with respect to the wind.
  • Fly the kite in the power zone without crashing it.
  • To twist and untwist the lines as the kite flies.
  • If we activate the active safety, know how to retrieve the kite and secure it on land.
  • Landing the kite on land with assistance
Programa de Iniciación de Nivel 1 Subcielo
Programa de Iniciación de Nivel 1 Subcielo

Level 2
Intermediate Program

Programa Intermedio de Nivel 2 Subcielo


  • Define whether the practice area is safe and be able to specify why.
  • Assemble and check the equipment without assistance (kite, lines and bar).


  • Move away from the coast (in side-shore or side-onshore wind) by body dragging and then going downwind and returning to the coast.
  • Perform the previous exercise with only one hand.


  • Know the theory of water start: board position, body and kite handling.
  • Take the board, place the feet on the footstraps and maintain the position by handling the kite.


  • Get up from the board and navigate by moving the kite up and down.
  • In case you have taken lessons up to this point with a two-line kite; learn everything about the use of a 4-line kite.

Level 3
Independent Program


  • Know the rules of passage.
  • Move away from the coast and return to the coast.


  • Knowing how to lift the kite and change course.
  • Know how to accelerate by lifting the edge and moving the kite.
  • Knowing how to stop nailing the song.
  • Knowing how to stay on course by nailing the song.


  • To be able to move away from the coast and return to the same starting point.
  • Navigate oriented.
  • Navigate constantly luffed.


  • Know how to recover the board without using leash or pita, doing body luffing.
  • Navigate a bidirectional table if not navigated before.
  • Change of direction while navigating.


  • Knowledge of jumping theory.
  • Perform a small jump and land it.
Programa Independiente de Nivel 3 Subcielo
Programa Independiente de Nivel 3 Subcielo