Beaches and Spots of Tarifa

Beaches and Spots of Tarifa: the paradise of every Kiter

Magical and enveloping. This is how many define our Cadiz town. The smell of the sea, the pleasure of feeling the sand on your feet and the desire to never leave are some of the sensations that you will take with you.

If you want to learn kitesurfing or you already love this sport, the beaches and spots of Tarifa are the perfect scenarios to let yourself go.

Las playas de Tarifa

Discover the best beaches and spots in Tarifa to practice Kitesurfing

Our coast is in all the lists of recommendations to practice this water sport. Although Tarifas is revered for its year-round wind, we recommend that you visit sometime between March and October. Undoubtedly, this is its period of maximum splendor.

In addition, the leisure activities in Tarifa go beyond that. When you are done with your morning or afternoon of kiting, you can enjoy beautiful places where you can enjoy the Andalusian gastronomy, bike rides or walks along mountain trails.

Playa Balneario

Balneario: perfect if you like challenges

Located on the flank of Isla de la Paloma, this beach is very popular with advanced and expert kiters looking for new challenges. If this is your case, get ready to put yourself to the test and witness how other lovers of this sport challenge you with their flights and turns.

This spot is not open for kite surfing from June 15 to September 15, we invite you to come in low or mid season to not miss it.

Playa La Jaima

La Jaima: suitable for all audiences.

This fine sandy beach gathers hundreds of kiters in the off-season and is ideal for those who are new to the sport, are developing their style or are looking for a relaxed day of sailing.

Nearby is the parking lot of the soccer field, so you can access this beach comfortably and without problems. If you are staying in the city you can come on foot. Recommended for freestyle due to its westerly wind.

Playa Los Carriles

Los Carriles: an adrenaline rush

This spot in the Lances Norte area, internationally recognized for having hosted the World Kitesurfing Championship, is the daily flying paradise for dozens of kiters.

The perfect place for intermediate and advanced levels looking to sail with levante. If you are a beginner, do not venture into this spot without a support boat.

Playa Valdevaqueros

Valdevaqueros: located on the outskirts of Tarifa.

A natural scenery open to flying all year round and for all levels. This area is ideal for freestyle and freeride with westerly and thermal winds.

You will be able to access this spot at kilometer 76 of national highway 340. You won’t have to worry about parking, this beach has both public and private parking options.

Playa Arte y Vida

Arte y Vida: enjoys kitesurfing like never before

This beach, very visited by the local population, is highly valued by how well the waves break . You will find it just six kilometers from Tarifa and it will be very easy to park, as it has ample parking. All advantages.

Validated for beginners, intermediate and expert kiters, this spot is open all year round.

Playa Palmones

Palmones: ideal if you are a beginner

The beach on the other side of the mountain that many kiters opt for when the Levante hits hard in the town of Tarifa.

The conditions are usually very good for calm sailing, so it is a very popular area for those who are taking their first steps in kitsurfing.

Playa Caños de Meca

Caños de Meca: you will not want to get off your kite.

Looking for strong wind? This spot located just over forty minutes from Tarifa will open up a world of possibilities thanks to the Levante wind.

We invite you to take out your small or medium sized kite to test yourself and take advantage of its tide and swell. You will not forget your flights and turns on this wide beach that can be used by kiters all year round.

Playa Getares

Getares: waves with Levante

This kitespot located 21 kilometers from Tarifa is a perfect option for when, on the local beaches, the Levante is strong. If you are looking for a quiet and safe sailing, this is the beach for you.

Watch out! From June 15 to September 15, the beach is reserved for bathers.

A small paradise of hidden and wild beaches. Tarifa has become one of the most sought after European spots for kitesurfing lovers. Many of our visitors travel the world in search of new places and the best kite spots, will you join the pilgrimage?