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Rent Kitesurf material in Tarifa thanks to Subcielo

Are you looking for a kitesurfing equipment rental place in Tarifa ? We have quality material from the main brands that lead the top mind of the lovers of this sport. You put the desire and skill, we the team. You can book everything you need through our website, call us by phone to make your reservation, or come and visit us and see our kitesurfing material up close.

Kitesurfing is one of the most practiced water sports in this region of the Andalusian coast. Looking at the horizon from the beach guarantees the spectacle of colorful kites dancing perpendicular to the sea. We invite you to come to our center - school: the kite rental material that we have will not leave you indifferent. It won't take you long to sail with one of our boards and kites!

What Kitesurfing material do we have for you?

In SubCielo you can rent everything you need to practice this water sport. We work with the renowned Duotone brand, quality guarantee and good materials. Also this material is renewed every year so that you find it in the best possible conditions.

You can do yourself: Kite and bar, boards, neoprene, safety elements such as harnesses, vests and helmets and other accessories.

Whether you are looking to rent the complete equipment or only need a few elements separately, we will advise you and help you find the right piece according to your corpulence, level, style and kite experience.

Kitesurf Equipment Rental Prices in Tarifa

1 DÍA 100€ 60€ 160€ 140€
2 DÍAS 200€ 120€ 320€ 280€
3 DÍAS 300€ 180€ 480€ 420€
4 DÍAS 400€ 240€ 640€ 560€
5 DÍAS 500€ 300€ 800€ 700€

3h / supervised: for this rental you will be supervised by kitesurf teaching professionals where you will have material for 3h with the possibility of changing the kite at the moment you need it at your disposal on the beach. Every day we will organize ourselves according to your needs and wind forecasts for your rental.

24h/without supervision: for this rental, the material will be delivered to you in the morning between 9:00 and 11:00. According to the previously confirmed weather forecast, the chosen measure and its delivery is decided by mutual agreement. The return of the equipment will take place in the following 24 hours.

SLS Equipment: is an abbreviation for “strong, Light, Superior”. Duotone SLS products are manufactured using advanced materials and production processes to guarantee the best performance. They make no concessions to these products. Están especialmente desarrollados para kiters avanzados que desean explorar los límites, para lo cual necesitan el mejor equipo. SLS products guarantee an without precedents new navigation experience.

EVO 7,9,12 / JUICE 15 / SELECT 138 / JAIME 136 / HYBRID 5.0 / CLICK BAR

EBS equitment: is an abbreviation for "BASIC". Duotone EBS products are manufactured with basic production materials that guarantee the high quality of the equipment without the SLS line. High quality products in Spinnaker and Dacron. Están desarrollados para kiters que desean explorar con material de primera calidad sin gran desembolso, para lo cual necesitan el equipo perfecto. EBS products guarantee a safe and fun navigation experience.

EVO 5,7,9,12 / DICE 9, 13 / GONZALES 138 / TRUSBAR

For all types of rentals, a free level test will be required on the beach or presentation of an IKO card with the level of kitesurfing and a credit card with a deposit set at the value of the rented material to guarantee the return of the material in the delivered state.

We invite you to take a look at our promo of 2 options 3h / day:

€ 60 EBS mode / € 100 SLS mode

Rent material for Kitesurfing in Tarifa

Premium materials
Train with a Kitesurfing team of the Duotone brand

We are aware of how important it is to have a good team to make navigation agile and safe. Therefore, we partner with the exclusive kite brand Duotone for our kitesurf rental service in Tarifa . This guarantees that we can assure our customers the best performance during the practice of this sport.

This kiteboarding firm devotes great effort to shaping its products; tune in and review the design of each of your kites and boards so that the wind becomes your best ally. For this brand, as for us, the world of kitesurf is a moving scenario: each kiter has a specific need and his style will set the pace (and material to choose).

You may know another great brand of kite materials and you're wondering why we chose Duotone. It's easy: we know they work every day to improve their products. In addition, board and kite designers are kite lovers and do not cease until they find the design of perfect pieces.

Here you can see the rental prices of our products. If you have any questions about our rental insurance or payment methods, do not hesitate to contact us without obligation! It will be a pleasure to serve you.

The wind and the sea are waiting for you. Book your material and we will take it directly to the beach on the day and at the time you indicate, within our working hours.

Our Manuel or Victoria kiters will check your level before you start using it and will be supervised 100 by us.

Also, for your peace of mind, if you need to change your kite for sudden wind changes, we'll be there to make it easier for you to change material.

It is very important that you rent the right material according to your skills and, if you deem it necessary, receive an instruction as a reminder.

If you want to do any of our kite courses in Tarifa , the material is already included in the price of the course.

Book Kite Material at Tarifa

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