This semana santa we do Kitesurf ? in Tarifa and Subcielo ? School

This “Semana santa” we do Kitesurf in Tarifa

Holidays! Esta “Semana Santa” hacemos Kitesurf en Tarifa, el primer baño de la temporada ha llegado.

The best getaway this Semana santa is Tarifa , learn kitesurfing with Subcielo kiteschool. Discovering the kite is one of the ideas for these vacations, get away from Tarifa and get to know our favorite sport.

Still don’t have plans for this Semana santa? If you want to prepare the most authentic Semana santa getaway, discover us and you will make the most of these short holidays. Una Semana santa en la ciudad del viento, disfruta de nuestra gastronomía, playas y por supuesto del deporte estrella. Ready to pack your suitcase?

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Semana santa in Tarifa

Tarifa is the perfect destination for a getaway at Semana santa. Spring is here, it is also time to think about a beach where to enjoy the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean in the same city but without losing all the charm of a typical Andalusian town with huge beaches. Its west wind or eastern Tarifa one of our favorite destinations for this Semana santa. And what plans can you make? Well, if you want something original, do not miss our kitesurfing courses for beginners for people who have never caught a kite or for those who already have notions and want to improve.


This Semana santa we do Kitesurf in Tarifa , choose from our great selection of kite courses to take advantage of and book your adventure holidays with accommodation. Enjoy this Semana santa on the beach in Tarifa with Subcielo Kiteschool!

Your kitesurfing course includes material in perfect condition, a card with a level purchased with Subcielo, CR insurance, accidents and equipment, your own boat.

If you need accommodation we can make a pack with camping , hostel, hostel, bungalow or apartment. But you must provide us with the following information to be able to adjust to your interests:

  • Number of students.
  • Kitesurf course days.
  • Number of people staying.
  • Accommodation preferences.
  • Arrival and departure date.

Privileged entrance to the area authorized for courses by the city of Tarifa , we have access to few schools and that you will benefit.

Quality courses, level 2 technician at your disposal.

Abierto todo el año, te acompañamos dentro y fuera de la playa, desde tu recepción hasta el final de tu aventura, si no te gusta como trabajamos te devolvemos el dinero (condiciones pincha aqui).

Subcielo Tarifa gives you the opportunity to learn kitesurfing with teaching professionals.

Our team has a long history in teaching so that your progress is an unforgettable experience.

We have witnessed the progression of this sport and its equipment from the beginning of kitesurfing and all its stages to the current one.

We have the latest generation material and reviewed daily so that you only have to worry about your progress.

price courses from € 55 / day in group, to private or semi-private classes in which you will enjoy more personal attention.

I explain the differences if you click the kite course ?6⃣5⃣4⃣4⃣9⃣2⃣6⃣9⃣3⃣?

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